Summer Tree Care

Trees need extra care in the summer

Summer Tree Care

For all the benefits trees give us, they also need a lot of attention – especially in the summer. Establishing a summer tree care plan is essential to keep trees healthy during hot days, droughts, and summer storms. Here are some tips for summer tree care!


Your trees may be grown but mulching is still important to do every summer. Trees love oxygen-rich soil with nutrients. Mulch helps mimic the ideal habitat for trees, helping retain soil moisture, suppress weed growth, cut down on water competition for water with other vegetation, and remove the need to mow near the trunk. Combine with a slow, deep watering method and frequent lawn care to prevent weeds and your tree can grow on a good foundation.

Pruning and Trimming

Summer pruning is good if you want to remove any dead branches or those that are hanging or considered high-risk to ensure safety on your property. Summer storms are rife with high winds and make trimming a necessary part of your summer tree care. This could be something as simple as removing some random tall bits that are growing haphazard around the natural shape of your shrub. If you don’t trim your trees, it could result in crown dieback. Often characterized by dead or dying branches in the canopy, crown dieback is one of the most common signs of failing health or stress, and it is important to regularly inspect your trees for it.

Adding Pest Inspection to your Summer Tree Care

There are a plethora of awful, tree-damaging pests that call summer their favorite season. From woodpeckers to lantern flies and more, it’s important to inspect your trees for pest infestations on a regular basis throughout summer. Discovering any tree pest problems early gives you a leg up on controlling them. If you’re ever in doubt if you have an infestation, get help from your local cooperative extension service or certified arborists.

From tree inspections to treatments, pest management, and more, we want to make sure your summer is worry-free and your trees are as happy as they can be! Whatever your tree needs, visit Strunk Tree Service today for a full list of our services

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