Commercial Tree Care & Landscaping

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Commercial Tree Care & Landscaping

Commercial tree care and landscaping are necessary services that include planning, installation in the case of new trees, and maintenance for businesses big and small. How can it help your business?

How Commercial Tree Care and Landscaping Can Help Your Business

Good commercial landscape design is part form and part function. Not only does it help your business look good, but it also helps serve the purpose of conveying the right message to your clients, helps people engage with your business, directs the flow of foot traffic, attracts clients, accentuates your building’s architecture, and conserve water and energy depending on your climate, location, and environmental ideals. If you want to convey an image, whether it be soothing, healing, sustainable, fun, professional, or edgy and forward-thinking, there are landscape elements that can translate that message. This is especially true when considering your tree care options. Adding in trees is a great way to create movement on a footpath, add some shade for commuters to keep their cars cool while working, and give your clients a cool spot to eat their lunch beneath. 

Tree care is also important for any problem trees that may be plaguing your property. Diseased trees are often weakened by pests or rot and can pose a danger to your property, clients, and employees. Healthy trees are an asset, but it’s important to keep them healthy, well trimmed, and beautiful to create an inviting and safe environment.

Some of the most popular examples of good commercial design that creates movement while providing a safe space are zen rock gardens with delicate Asian trees or relaxing English-style green spaces with topiaries, shrubbery, small trees, and hardscaped paths. As we mentioned before, your commercial landscape design can discourage or encourage individuals to stay longer or keep them moving. If you add benches, tables and chairs, fountains, shade trees, and low walls for seating, people will be more inclined to stay and enjoy the outdoor space. Many businesses and hospitality venues have found success creating more elaborate outdoor lounge areas with fire pits, lawn games, colorful trees, and more options to encourage people to stay longer and frequent their business.

Choosing a Commercial Tree Care Expert

When choosing a commercial tree care company, look for a firm that is communicative with regular contact on any channel whether text, calling, or email, and knowledgeable to consult on how best to enhance your landscape along with providing clear and realistic deadlines no matter the job. From tree removal to installation, or tree trimming – the time your business spends unkept could cost you. A trustworthy commercial landscaper should be proactive about potential landscape opportunities, problems, and necessary changes. Choose a commercial tree care company whose invoices are clear and transparent so you know exactly where your money is going. You want someone with experience, a great portfolio, and a reasonable service area.

At Strunk Tree Service, we provide all that and more. We offer tree removal, trimming, stump grinding, storm clean-up, landscaping services, land clearing, and more! Our experts are committed to providing you with the best experience possible. No job is too big or too small for our experts to handle, and every job we treat with the same level of dedication. Cutting corners is not in our description.

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