5 Important Reasons Why You Should Always Have Trees on Your Property

trees make a difference

5 Important Reasons Why You Should Always Have Trees on Your Property

If you do not have them already, you might want to plan on adding trees to your property. As a natural fixture, the added value of trees for your home goes well beyond what you might think. Here are five reasons why you should always have trees on your property.

Noise Abatement

For those who live in a loud residential area, trees are here to block those blaring noises. Through sound attenuation, trees are able to alleviate noise pollution by reducing the overall intensity of the sound. 

Pollution Reduction

A sustainable addition to your home’s overall landscaping, trees are able to reduce levels of pollution and help combat the greenhouse effect by removing carbon dioxide from the air. So not only will your outdoor fixtures look nice, they will also be doing their part in keeping your area eco-friendly.

Protects Local Wildlife

With trees, your outdoor appeal will increase with some added wildlife to benefit off of. Trees serve as a form of protection from predators for certain species, as well as a source of shelter in general. They also serve as a viable food source for many animals and insects. Whether it be butterflies or birds, trees will make your backyard a welcoming spot for an array of wildlife.


Similar to noise abatement, trees also give your home an overall better sense of privacy. With them taking up a fair amount of space both in height and width, your trees will allow you to enjoy your time outside in peace. 

Boosts Property Value

While they raise the overall aesthetic of your home, trees simultaneously increase the value of your property. Buyers like to see an area that provides shade, privacy, and a nice look overall to the front and backyard.

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