Are you itching to bring some joy back into this world? Plant fruit trees! Early spring is the best time to get your trees started. It’s going to take some time before they are fully mature, but you’ll have your pick of delicious fruits. You can plant a variety of trees such as apples, pears, cherries, plums, and more! Here’s how to get your trees to thrive this season.

Why is pruning so important?
Fruit doesn’t grow on every single branch. In fact, they tend to grow more branches than they need. Too many branches prevent sunlight from getting through to the lower branches. This will lead to smaller fruits or none at all.

man cutting small branch off tree
shovel in dirt

What fertilizer to use?
The best time to fertilize the trees is before they sprout in early spring. With that being said, not all fertilizer is the same. Your soil will depend on what type will work best for your trees. There needs to be three key nutrients for a healthy tree, which are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Testing will help determine which nutrients the soil is lacking. If the tree doesn’t get the proper ratio of nutrients, it won’t grow properly.

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