Your favorite tree on your property has many other usages than just shade and looking lovely. In fact, trees are a great base for a variety of activities and projects.  Depending on the type of tree, it can be perfect for a new fort, a swing, and much more. Here are a few ways you can start incorporating your tree into your day-to-day life.

striped hammock

● Treehouse: If you have a large, mature, strong tree, utilize it for the ultimate treehouse the kids (and parents) can use. You can use pre-built treehouses, or make it from scratch as a family project. Make sure it’s stable before the kids take it over.

● Hammock or Swing: Hammocks and swings are both fun and relaxing. A hammock is a perfect spot to read a book, meditate from the swinging sensation, and even take a quick nap. A swing can give hours of fun. Make a swing out of rope and a flat piece of wood, or get a swing from the store.

● Bird Houses: Looking for a smaller project? A great way to attract some birds, squirrels, or other small animals is to make them a home. You can encourage your new neighbors with some birdseed or other safe treats.

● Research Projects: Study what kind of trees are in the yard. Also, study what kind of birds and insects visit the tree. Figure out if they’re harmful to the tree or not, if this is their normal pattern, the type of nests they build, and more.

● Shady Indulgence: Trees, especially tall and large ones, are great for giving off shade. Enjoy a fun day outside knowing you have a comfortable place to sit down to relax.