The spotted lanternfly is an invasive species that has spread throughout Pennsylvania, and surrounding states for the last few years. The can be found feeding on trees, destroying orchards, and ruining vineyards. These pests can be detrimental to the health of trees and plants, specifically during heavy infestations. Learn more about the spotted lanternfly, the trees that they infest, and signs of tree health symptoms.

What To Know About The Spotted Lanternfly 1

What Does The Spotted Lanternfly Look Like?

The adult spotted lanternfly has brown-colored forewings with black spots and pink/red hindwings. Their eggs are contained in a mud-like brown sack, and are typically found in large masses.

What Trees Do They Prefer?

The spotted lanternfly has been located on over 65 different plants and trees. They mostly prefer the Tree of Heaven and Grape, but have been found on the following:

What To Know About The Spotted Lanternfly 2
What To Know About The Spotted Lanternfly 3

What Signs & Symptoms Should You Look For?

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