How often do you think about watering your trees? With a landscape or a garden, it’s more obvious how much water the plants need. With trees, because of how large some can be, figuring out how much water they need, if they need it, is a little tougher. Many people rely on Mother Nature and the various rain and thunderstorms to water the trees. If the tree is over two years old, this is pretty much all the tree needs as long as you keep up with the mulch. The biggest concern with watering trees is when it’s younger than two years. Here’s what you need to know no matter what the age of your tree is.

How does soil affect watering?

The soil is the crucial factor in how much you should be watering your trees. While the soil should maintain the moisture, there mustn’t be too much water soaking in. Too much water can cause root rot or other problems that can seriously damage your tree.

How much water do I need for a newly planted tree?

Any tree under two years old is vulnerable, but brand new trees are even more susceptible to injury and damage. The roots aren’t established in the ground, so without the proper care, it’s not going to take. Three things trees need the most as they’re growing and getting stronger are water, mulch, and you to keep an eye out for any signs of stress or other issues. The best way to water the tree is to take a hose, whether it’s a soaker hose or a garden hose, and set it to a slow trickle. Set it near the base, but not right up against the trunk, and allow it to trickle down into the root system for two hours. It’s essential to do every 7-10 days unless the ground is already wet from a recent storm.

Water & Your Trees: What You Need To Know 1

What about if the plant is not new, but still under two years?

While the roots have been more established, it’s essential to keep up with the same water schedule every 7-10 days to do a slow trickle for at least two hours. One big difference is the roots are more established, so they’re going to be further down in the ground. Dig a small hole down about 24 inches to see how far the water reaches after the two hours. If it hasn’t reached that depth, keep the water running and see how long it takes. The more the roots grow, the more you’ll need to keep the water running.

Now it’s over two years. What’s the watering situation?

Water & Your Trees: What You Need To Know 2

Your tree is old enough to stand on its own now. By this point, the roots have completely established themselves in the ground. This means that the rain will be enough to keep the soil watered. The only reason you’ll need to water the tree is if it hasn’t rained a lot recently.