With Christmas 2020 finally behind us, we’re sure you’re looking at your tree wondering what to do with it now. Do you keep it up for the duration of January? That’s where the newest, and coolest tradition of Christmas trees can come into play… for next year. Why not grow or plant your own Christmas tree for the holiday season? When the weather gets warmer, there are a variety of trees you can plant to have either your very own indoor tree or you can enjoy it outside with double the Christmas spirit! Here are a few trees you can plant to enjoy throughout the year!

small christmas tree
  • Eastern White Pine: Eastern white pines are perfect for allergy sufferers. They don’t have a strong scent that other traditional Christmas trees might have. It has long, flexible needles that tend to stay on the tree quite a while after it’s been cut.
  • Douglas Fir: These might be one of the most common kinds of trees in our area. It also has strong branches and long-lasting needles which is ideal for adding decorations.
  • Colorado Blue Spruce: Despite its name, this gorgeous tree is perfect for your holidays. The needles have almost a blue-grey color to them so they stand out among the other trees. It’s a great way to add a touch of color to your decorations!