There are several blights that can kill an ash tree in America today. It’s almost impossible to defend against a pest or disease that could kill your ash trees. In fact, by the time you realize something has disturbed your tree, it’s too late. In some instances, the tree has sentimental value and is reluctantly let go. Unfortunately, whatever had destroyed your original tree could continue to do so if you replace your ash tree with another of its kind. Here are a few other trees that could easily replace it instead.

Trees that Can Replace an Ash Tree 1

Chinkapin Oak – This tree is native to eastern and central North America. It has slightly smaller leaves than a typical oak tree and can grow in a variety of soils.

Red Maple – One of the most common trees across the American northeast. This species of tree can grow to about 100ft. So, if filling a gap left by an ash tree is your concern, this may be the tree for you!

Trees that Can Replace an Ash Tree 2
Trees that Can Replace an Ash Tree 3

Hemlock –  Perhaps what you are looking for is a different style of tree altogether. With the loss of your deciduous ash tree, maybe something a bit larger and unique is what you are looking for. Hemlocks can grow to almost 200 feet tall. If shade is your desired outcome, these trees have you covered.

It is sad how many ash trees have been killed by disease or pests, but that shouldn’t prevent us from getting new trees to fill our property with shade and fresh air! If the time comes where you must remove a damaged ash tree, fear not, there are many options to adorn your property which have similar, if not superior benefits to the mighty ash!