Keeping your tree healthy during the summer is pretty easy. Most of the hard work was done in the spring so now it’s time for some simple routine maintenance to keep your trees growing strong, all year long. Here are some steps to keep your tree-fort tree, fruit tree, or favorite shade spot healthy!

Get out the Mulch! – Mulching is done in the spring, but it never hurts to add to the existing mulch in the summertime or put fresh batch around the tree. This step is important to help keep the temperature of the soil regulated and it helps to keep weeds at bay.

Summer Tree Care - What You Can Do 1

Hydration – Watering trees, especially new trees, is important. The summer weather can dry roots and soil out, quickly. The deeper into the ground a tree can be watered, the better. Something else to consider is a tree watering bag, which can help regulate the irrigation.

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Summer Tree Care - What You Can Do 3

Fertilization – The nutrition of a tree is crucial to its growth! Using the proper fertilization will ensure the tree is getting the right amount of nutrition to grow, to help fight diseases, and fight off pests.

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A Little Off the Top – Cutting off any damaged, dead, or diseased branches will allow the tree to focus its energy on the healthier limbs. Research the tree, however, some trees can’t be pruned after mid-summer. Those trees may have an issue in the winter if they’re pruned too late.

Are There Any Unwanted Visitors? – There are quite a few insects that won’t bother the tree. However, there are bugs like the Japanese beetle, spider mites, bagworms, spotted lanternflies, and more that can be very harmful to trees. Regular examinations of a tree will help with early prevention.

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Storm Damage Prevention – Summer humidity involves thunderstorms popping-up out of nowhere. Trees can be damaged by heavy rain and winds. Bracing or cabling weak branches can help prevent storm damage on the trees. Removing weak limbs might be the best way to save the rest of your tree.

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