Trees are a huge part of our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. There are several benefits of having a tree on or near your property. It can provide shade, a healthy dose of oxygen, home for the local wildlife, and much more. Often you see information about why planting more trees is so important, and it is, but what happens when your tree has reached the end of its life or it has developed a disease that weakens it? Here are three situations that might force you to remove either the entire tree or parts of it for the safety of the property.

  • Disease: There are several ways a tree can become diseased. It’s usually due to an insect or wildlife infestation, being too close to another plant that’s infected, or pollution. If you catch it early enough, some diseases can be treated, but not all of them. It can severely weaken or decompose not only the branches but the trunk as well. Some symptoms would be:
    • Hollowing
    • Drooping or leaning, whether it’s just the branches or the entire tree
    • Dead branches
    • Leaf discoloration or decay
    • And much more
  • In danger of falling: If the tree is already leaning or weak it’s only a matter of time before it simply snaps and falls. It wouldn’t take a lot either. It could be from the next heavy rainstorm, a particularly windy day, or the weight of snow. If it’s leaning towards the house, yours or your neighbors, it has a very high chance of doing a considerable amount of damage and possibly injury if it does fall. Having it removed before then will save you a considerable amount of money.
  • Selling your home: Unkept or leaning trees can make potential buyers of the home back away, quickly; despite the house and property looking gorgeous. Not only is it unsightly, but they can see that’s going to be an extra expense they’ll need to consider after they move in. Getting the tree removed or at least trimmed, depending on what’s wrong, could invite more buyers.
tree being serviced

Have you noticed your tree looking diseased, dead, or just off? If you think it needs a little TLC, contact us today!