4 Steps For Better Tree Health 1

Spring has finally arrived! The sun is shining and the weather is getting warmer. This means it’s time for some fun outside. Unfortunately, most trees are still damaged from the harsh winter storms and lack of maintenance. Outdoor activities, such as gardening and playing in the yard, might be difficult with dead branches and tree debris littering your lawn. These are the four services we recommend to trim up your trees, and have your property looking better than ever!

  1. Tree Pruning & Trimming – Say goodbye to any dead, infected, and decaying branches on your trees. Tree pruning and trimming will prevent safety hazards due to falling branches, and also improve your yard’s appearance. Properly performing these steps are key in maintaining your tree’s overall health and life expectancy.
  2. Storm Damage Cleanup – Storms can cause a lot destruction to yards, homes, businesses, and roads. If you have fallen trees or damage in your yard, it’s important to have it cleaned to not only make your yard look better, but to ensure that you don’t have other potential problem areas.
  3. Tree Removal – As sad as it is, you can’t save every tree. Sometimes tree removal is a necessary step to keep your home and property safe. When you notice decay, fungi, cavities in the trunk, and fine twigs, it may be time to chop the tree down entirely.
  4. Stump Removal – After removing a tree, the next step is getting rid of the remaining tree stump. A decaying tree stump isn’t great to look at, and it may decrease the value of your home. Tree stump removal services can erase any trace of a tree in your yard, leaving you with a clean slate!

Don’t let your dying, damaged trees get in the way of your outdoor BBQs and picnics. We can help! Call Strunk Tree Service to get your FREE on-site estimate today!

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